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Realistic Sex Games Will Make You Forget About Watching Your Porn

Adult entertainment always moved towards interactivity. From erotic stories, we moved to pictures, then to movies, and, more recently, to live sex cams that are the pinnacle of porn interactivity, especially when paired with some interactive sex toys for both her and him. But cam sex can be quite expensive if you do not have it with your partner or a good friend on FaceTime. You’ll have to pay around $1 per minute in private chat.

However, a new medium that will take interactivity in adult entertainment to a new level is arising. I’m talking about the new Realistic Sex Games. Although xxx games have been around for over two decades, it’s only now that the engines and technology are advanced enough to offer a proper interactive experience with life-like characters and, as a bonus, with enhanced customization to let you fuck the chicks and dudes of your dreams. We gathered all the next-gen titles on the web in a collection that offers interactive virtual sex experiences with so much control over all the aspects of fucking. This increased control over every sex move will make your brain feel like it’s the one keeping the pleasure going, which it is. And this will trick your mind and body into feeling like you’re fucking in real life. It works on the same mental mechanism that makes you cum in your sleep when you have erotic dreams.

The Gameplay Experience On Realistic Sex Games

The action in the adult gaming niche used to be point-and-click. You’d click on a body part or kink shortcut, and a Flas animation would start on the screen. But now you have sex simulators that are played with both keyboard and mouse or with multiple touch points on the screen of your mobile device. You will have to input combinations of keys, clicks, or taps at the right time to find that sweet spot that will make characters moan and cum.

You can also choose from a long lists of positions. In some of our games, you can drag, twist and turn the body of your sex partners in any positions you want. You can develop new ways of fucking in some of our realistic porn games. You can set the intensity of a sex act, choose the hole in which you want to have fun, experiment with toys, and even enjoy master-slave kinks with spanking, slapping, bondage, and forced fucking.

Most characters you’ll be fucking can also cum, whether male, female or trans. You’ll get an orgasm progress bar that can be maxed in no time with the right kinks. And because these games are realistic, orgasms can also be ruined if you put it in the wrong hole with no foreplay, if you’re cumming too fast or if you don’t hit the buttons at the right time. So many elements make our site's action feel so real. Sound effects, facial expressions, hair movement, fluid mechanics, and body responsivity are just the obvious ones. There’s a lot more to discuss another time in a more technically detailed blog post.

Your Fantasies Will Be Fulfilled On A Deeper Level With Realistic Sex Games

There are two things a porn experience needs to offer you satisfaction for the kinks and fantasies you crave to be fulfilled in real life. You need the interactivity factor to give you control over the whole sexual encounter and make it feel yours. And then you need the right partner. While there are porn stars for all body, age, and ethnic preferences, there’s maybe just one who looks somehow like your stepsister, and maybe she doesn’t even do hardcore movies.

That’s why the customization in the Realistic Sex Games collection is crucial to the overall experience. We offer titles with customization menus in which you can recreate virtual versions of any woman or man you dream of fucking. You can recreate celebrities or use ready-made skins in some games, customize your avatar, which includes tweaking the size of your dick, and can even choose and unlock outfits and uniforms, sex toys, and environments in which you can enjoy the action, such as classrooms, VIP strip clubs, nudist beaches, sex dungeons and so much more.

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